5 must know Wedding Lingo!

Wedding planners understand the wedding code language, but not all brides and their families do. That’s why I was completely lost when my wedding planner suggested bird cages with marigold flowers as decor for my mehendi ceremony. Through the planning and the events she used terms that I didn’t get the wedding context of. So, ladies if you just started the wedding planning, here are some terms that mean something totally different in the world of weddings. I saved the best one for the end. 1.Birdcages:

What you may think: A big cage where a real bird lives.

What your planner means: Miniatures decor items shaped like birdcages.

These are adorable. Turned out to be one my favorite items. So if your planner suggests using them say YES!

2. MOB

What you may think: A group of angry people. Why would there be a MOB at my wedding?

What your planner means:  My planner was referring to my mother Mother of the bride.

The MOB is among the most important people at the ceremony so of course we were talking about her. :)

3. Sweetheart

What you may think: A nickname. My wedding planner is so kind. She refers to the dress, my designer and me as sweetheart.

What your planner means: The neckline of the blouse and gown.

The sweetheart neck is a tricky one. Don’t opt for it with a traditional saree. It looks way better on a dress or lehenga blouse.




4. Toast

What you may think: Breakfast? Warm toast, butter, jam and coffee? Yes please!

What your planner means: The speech in honour of the couple given by one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The planner will want to see the speeches and ensure they are not too long. The wedding planner doesn’t care and probably doesn’t have the time to enjoy toast for breakfast.

5. STD

What you may think: Well hell, the only thing you can think of sexually transmitted diseases. Far from romantic! Why would anyone talk about that while planning a wedding?

What your planner means: Don’t panic!Happy thoughts only please because all it  means is -  Save the date.

When you get an email from your planner saying ideas for STD. You can open it fearlessly!

The wedding drama, fever and madness may linger even after, but we request you to drop the wedding lingo right after the wedding.

Did you have any of these  wedding lingo goof ups? Let us know.