Best First Time Gifts Ever: What To Buy For Your Fiancée/ Fiancé Before Your Wedding!

Best First Time Gifts Ever: What To Buy For Your Fiancée/ Fiancé Before Your Wedding!

Wondering what to buy your Fiancée/ Fiancé as a gift for the first time ever?  We put together a guide for you guys to help you pick the right gift. Do not stress, these are basic winners. Since a lot of  times you are still getting to know each other and your partners won’t tell you their preferences yet, we have winning ideas that have anyone jumping with joy.

1.The Timeless Timepiece


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Yes, we mean the watch, a basic simple accessory, majority of the people wear everyday. It’s worn everyday and reminds your loved one that time is always on your side. Pick something with a lot of thought – does he like analog or digital? Battery, quartz or mechanical? Pick one that suits the personality.

Pro Tip: Have something engraved on the back, a quote or a message. Makes it a little more special.

For the Fiancée: All girls love Swarovski. So pick something depending on how much bling your girl likes.

For the Fiancé: I have done some research and this is the most popular brand, also we LOVE the classic collection.

2. Tech Junkies


Who isn’t one really? (Like really). We are all addicted to technology and CANNOT function without it (Help!). Also, the variety you can choose from. Ah! Fitness, utility, gaming, work related and the list goes on. Tech gifts are also thoughtful ones, the gadget you pick is something that relates to your partner’s habits, passion etc so they will be grateful you put some thought into it. Me thinks iWatch or Fitbit or even that new Polaroid self-printing camera. (My first gift from my husband (then BF) was an iPod touch and it was to help keep us connected through long distance).

Pro Tip: Preload something special on the gadget, like a playlist or a video. Makes the first memory of the gadget very special.


Samsung Note 5:



3. Adopt a Cuddly


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If your partner is the wildlife animal lover  (Yes, baby elephants , panda etc) or just someone who enjoys the outdoors, safaris . This is the most ideal gift to adopt a baby animal in his / her name. We love this concept of getting together and owning something without any pressure and responsibility. It is a trend that is new and it is picking up. or better yet, get him a puppy from the nearest shelter.

Pro Tip: If the animal is in the local zoo what are you waiting for – Go visit! Or go to Friendcoes in Delhi which helps you adopt a pet the right way!

4. Soak & Sleep


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Who doesn’t love a vacation? Plan something that isn’t inconveniencing your  partner in terms of taking time off work. Pick a destination that is scenic and lets you unwind from all the engagement pressure, book a couple of spa appointments and relax. Think about a hill station or a vineyard. You have your entire lives for crazy adventure trips. We highly recommend a day or two at Ananda Spa in the foothills of the himalayas.

Pro Tip: Try and design personalised tickets to the chosen destination or an itinerary. You can make the bookings and other arrangements after discussing the details with your partner.



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This is probably the most thoughtful, personalised way to tell your partner you love them. DIY is simple, it is easy and the result is almost always awesome. There are a bunch of tutorials available to make absolutely anything. Pick something you’re good at and go with it. You could bake a cake, crochet a sweater or something as simple a scrapbook filled with memories. This gives you a chance to explore your creative side and a chance at making it extremely personalised for your partner.

Pro Tip: Start something and hand it over to your partner to finish. Like start a painting and let your partner finish it. You can put this up as the first thing in your soon to be new home :)

This Pinterest board is filled with ideas and tutorials. You can make cards, games, exploding boxes etc.

6. Wrap up a Legacy

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Extend a warm welcome to your  to be partner by handing over a precious heirloom. Mostly heirlooms are jewellery or curios that have been handed down many generations. If you don’t have something that has come down generations, just borrow something special from your grandparents or parents. This way you even start a new tradition. A family heirloom gift blends the emotions of memories shared and new beginnings.

Pro Tip: Add a little note with pictures and stories of how your family has had / used it and why it is special. For the Fiancée: Stick to jewellery. Clothing might change in term of style and sizes.For the Fiancé: Curios and antiques, cigar pipes or pens.

For the Fiancée: Stick to jewelry. Clothing might change in term of style and sizes.

For the Fiancé: Curios and antiques, cigar pipes or pens.

What were you planning on gifting your partner? And what was the first ever gift you received?Let me know!

Note: First published on Wedmegood