7 Sweet Ways To Say “Thank You” To Your Loved Ones After Your Wedding!

Congratulations! You’re a newly wed. Once the wedding and honeymoon are over, don’t be disappointed. There are presents to open (yay!) and there is more planning to do for the “Thank you” cards. As a newly-wed myself, I understand how overwhelming the post-wedding period is, so here are some tips and ideas to make the tedious “thank you cards” a fun task. But first, a few tips. Make sure you keep track of time. It is essential that you send out those thank you cards soon after the wedding. Ideally you should not take more than 2-3 weeks. This means if you are sending these notes or favours by courier or to different places, you will want to plan it accordingly.

Also, make sure you split it up. Considering that most Indian weddings have a huge guest list, the easiest way to get through to everyone is to split it up amongst family members. Ensure that you have collected the list of guests who attended the weddings from you uncles, aunts and cousins. Let the groom handle his list while you focus on yours.

And please don’t forget all your vendors who made your dream wedding come true. Decorators, designers and makeup artists are the ones who put in a lot of effort to make it a success, so ensure that you send them pictures of their work with the thank-you notes. Hand-written notes? Even better! And finally, always make it personal and heart-warming.

Here are 7 fun ideas for your Thank Yous

Say it with a post card

Pick post cards of your honeymoon or destination wedding and use these as thank you cards. Handwrite the notes. Get a head start on these at the airport itself. Pick up the best picture of the two of you – and mail it with as a postcard.If you want to add a something to these thank you cards, send out a small box of chocolates or local delicacies, or even flowers to make it more authentic. Wild honey, cupcakes and even little keepsakes can really show your gratitude.


Picture Courtesy: Mostaza Seed Graphics on Etsy

Put together a video

Don’t make one about the wedding and the behind the scenes footage instead, try and make one capturing your new life and moments. Thank your wedding party for the wonderful memories and let them into your journey of making new ones. If you end up moving to a new country post the wedding, I think this will be a really cute idea. There are so many ways you can do that – try Slidely, a place that let’s you make your own personal video with Facebook pictures and videos and vines and of course, music you like!

Share a memory

Try and share a group picture or pick a favorite Aww moment. Add a special note telling your guests how much you appreciate their presence. Send these out in little frames so they can use it.

Wedding memory

Say it on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

I know this is not the most personal way to say it, but if you write a heartfelt message, it will be appreciated. I strongly recommend this idea as it is a trend that is picking up and has a room for a lot of creativity. Tag everyone, make sure you show off to your friends group and theirs how fabulous they are. Also, leave a friendly note on each of their handles.

Wedding Thank you on Facebook

Send them something meaningful

The bridesmaid, groomsmen, and immediate family probably undergo the most stress at the wedding. Send them something personal; like the best man can be gifted the groom’s bow tie as a thank you, and make a tradition of passing it around in the circle.

Wedding Thank you present

Picture Courtesy: Cherry Tin

Give them a traditional “Thank You” card or a cool digital one

It’s probably the most traditional thing you can do but it means, you care. So give out a well-designed one-in-sync-with-your-wedding-card kinda card. It shows consistency in design and all your love! Or you could try an online one too. Remember how fun it was to get an online card a few years back. Revive that and send your favourite people creatively designed Thank You cards with personal messages. You can try interesting designs over at Paperless, so so cute because they have cards designed by Kate Spade. Or ask your wedding card designer to give you digital copies that can work. Basically, save paper!

Wedding thank you card

Picture courtesy: The Ochre Shed 

Do a special photoshoot

Of course, when you do your usual Save-the-Dates, also put together a fun idea as a Thank You to send to all your loved ones. Make it as creative as a pre-wedding shoot. In the end, it’s actually just recreating different words and ideas – the shoot can be done by the same photographer! Or do something fun with your wedding photographer at the end of the wedding!

Wedding thank you sparkle card

Picture Courtesy: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

How did you say thank you after your special day? Let us know!

Note: First published on Wedmegood.com