10 Things You Must Make Your Man Do To Help With The Wedding

10 Things You Must Make Your Man Do To Help With The Wedding

If you wake up with a big smile and a heavy hand because you are wearing a rock on your finger, just remember you are one of the lucky few who probably had a perfect proposal. Your fiancé is likely to be exhausted from planning the proposal, setting up the surprise, picking the right ring, and more. While he is tired, you are getting excited about the wedding and want to start making elaborate plans right away. But the process of getting the groom excited about the wedding and having him involved can be a task. So here are a few wedding tasks that might appeal to your groom and may even get him excited.

  • Discussing the wedding plans: Yes, yes, as the bride you always imagine a fairy tale wedding at magical venue with you looking like a princess, but what about the groom? I assure you girls, the men have some ideas and suggestions and have envisioned their brides in a certain way; talk to him about it. Ask him if he has any particular ideas for the ceremonies, clothes, etc. It is good to get him involved and it is the smallest step to many decisions and discussion you will make together.
  • Wedding budget: Now, we know tradition says the bride’s family pays for the wedding but there are things the groom and bride handle on their own dime. If you have a photographer in mind or want to host a post-wedding brunch for your friends, it is best to discuss the budget for of these things with the groom. He may have a good sense of the finances and will be happy to handle this as opposed to picking the centerpieces for the wedding.
  • Groomsmen Attire: This is a task you will not have much trouble delegating. Men know their style and fashion. Grooms usually have a clear idea of the outfits they want to wear for various ceremonies, so picking the groomsmen’s outfit might be very easy for them. Do not get into this space because the groom knows his friends’ styles and can pick the attire accordingly. You just focus on yourself.
  • Follow ups – Let your groom follow up on few things for the wedding like the photographer and décor people. This helps him build a relationship with the vendors and eases him into the chaos of the wedding.
  • Transport and Cab rentals: Wedding transport and cab rentals is all about logistics. Leave it to the groom; just give him a thorough list of the number of relatives on your side who need rides. Leave the negotiating and pick-up/drop-off time for the men to figure out.
  • The bar: This one has got to be his favorite. If your man loves his alcohol then have him decide the cocktail menu and even craft a signature cocktail. This will be something special that he will always remember.
  • The after-party: As the bride you will need to focus on the wedding and looking and feeling fresh for your wedding day. Do not worry about the after-party. Leave it to the groom to host and ensure that the wedding guests have all reached their hotels safely.
  • Food & tasting: No matter what, ensure your groom has tasted the wedding food beforehand. People have different palates and he might be the best judge of what his family and friends prefer.
  • Honeymoon: Once you have decided the destination and frozen on the dates just let the groom make all the flight booking, hotel accommodations and other things required for a memorable trip.
  • Preparing for the special night: Yes girls. Please leave this one to the men, they are far less shy, especially if protection is an absolute must.This way your groom will feel a part of the wedding and some stress is taken off your shoulders!

    Have your grooms or grooms you know contributed in any other ways? Let us know.

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