6 must have Instagram companion apps

I accept it. I am absolutely addicted to Instagram. I check it often, I click pictures specifically for my Instagram feed, and I like uploading them on Instagram more than I do on any other social media sites. This is because I think it is personal and I thoroughly enjoy the various features and filters. I also like editing my photos and trying new formats for them. This constant Instagramming has led me to discover six apps that will beef your Instagram account up. Check them out Instasize: I suggest downloading this app right after you install Instagram. If you are a fairly frequent user you will know that you can only Instagram square images. This means some photos need to be #Instasized. Besides sizing images, this app lets you stitch pictures and has filters to enhance them. I particularly love the borders this app offers; experiment with them. They have a range of options but if you want uniformity through your profile, stick to just one of the borders

Pic Collage: While Instasize has the option to put together a collage, sometimes there is a need for more and that is why you should have Pic Collage. This app comes with some basic templates, borders and stickers for free. You can create your own templates and add text, too. Such a fun way to put together birthday greetings!

Photostory: I love this app. Unfortunately, I use a basic android phone that does not support video creation apps like Flipagram so here is the amazing alternate. Extremely user friendly, this app even lets you incorporate some audio. I like the idea of displaying an album via a slideshow video.

InstaVideo Collage: This is one is an absolute favorite. It brings together the video and photo into one frame. You can add multiple photo / video stories by selecting the layout of the post. InstaVideo Collage is turning out to be my most favorite apps but I am trying hard not to over use it. Another thing I love about this app is that it is available even for a basic android version.

Gif to Video: A must have for all us gif lovers! This app is also compatible with low-end versions phones. It is simple and user friendly and of course takes the Instagram posts to a whole new level. I haven’t used this one yet, but I have seen these posts and they are quite the stars on the homepage. I am waiting for the right post to use this app.

Repost: A simple, straightforward app that is the equivalent of retweeting. If your posting quotes or doodles from someone else’s profile, it is an easy way to give them the credit they deserve. It automatically links to your Instagram account, keeps a tab on the posts you’ve liked, and the trends. It even tags the handle you are reposting from.

Those are my favorite apps. Tell me what you use to spruce up your account, and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed @thepiedpiperess.