Sports Luxe with The Red Sox

A month into moving from India to the USA, I feel ready to explore and soak in some American culture. How do you do that, you ask? Ideally, food would be a good starting point, but that is far too easy, right? So here is a slightly unexplored route: Sports. And what is more native to America than baseball? I don’t have too many athletic bones in my body, but you have to admit baseball has a certain charm to it. The idea of watching your favorite team play live or at a bar, especially if it’s with that special someone, can be exciting. And the best way to bring out game spirit is to wear it. If I had to pick my favorite team to watch live it would be the Red Sox.

As a beginner to the sport, my family and friends introduced me to all  teams. I am not from Boston but the team spirit of the Red Sox along with their legacy and history makes me a fan. The good-looking players on this team are a complete bonus.

If the ball game is a date, it calls for looking your best. The best way to wear it chic is to create a sports luxe style for yourself. I have put together some simple, yet trendy game day looks for girls who aren’t really avid game-goers and hence, don’t own team tees or jerseys. These looks give a lot of room to experiment with accessories, and no accessory spells baseball the way a baseball hat does. There is something very cool, yet chic about a lady in a ball cap. Most importantly, this accessory is a small investment that can be reused and is super easy on the pocket. If teamed well, this is the only accessory you will need.

One of my favorite sporty-chic looks is based on a trend I am currently crushing. The monochrome. I love it because it is simple, yet stands out on its own and with the addition of various accessories. I picked a burgundy monochrome look to pair with the Red Sox cap for a slight contrast between the two.


Whether you raid your closet for skirts, shorts, or pants, pairing it with a silk tee or blouse can elevate your game-day look. If you would much rather keep the top casual, wear a mesh skirt or silk trousers. Ensure the shades of your outfit match. Throw a team baseball hat on.

For the rest of your look: Pick a pair of shoes that are comfy; I suggest sneakers or basic flats. You don’t want to wear heels because they are simply not practical for a game. If your sporty shoes are too plain, try sequined converses to add a splash of glitter.

Wear your hair under in a loose messy bun or a high pony. Keep the bag to a small sling; don’t lug big purses around.

A big fan or not, try this look and I am sure you will look effortlessly sports luxe and super stylish. I hope this look helps you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed putting it together.If you wear this look, don’t forget to send me a picture.

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