Five Bridal/Bachelorette outfit ideas for the bride

A bachelorette party can be anything from a lunch/dinner date with your friends or just a wild night in the city, to an all girls trip for the weekend. Considering that you, as the bride-to-be, will be center of attention, it is a great chance to get as creative as possible with your outfit.  While the goal might be to look sexy, it is also important to wear something comfortable for some outrageous fun. It is also a good idea to invest in pieces that are not only stylish and versatile, but re-useable too. Here are five of my favorite looks for your bridal shower/bachelorette: Textured or Printed Skirts: 2015 is the year of skirts and summer is the season of skirts. They are easy and fun and for all occasions. They come in many shapes and colors, and hence, fit almost any body type. To up the drama, pick a skirt with big prints, shimmer, or an extreme flare Combine it with a monochrome top, chunky jewelry and ballet flats to finish off the look.Picture1

Most recommended high-waist skirts for a bridal shower

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Leather up: You cannot go wrong with leather simply because it is timeless. Leather doesn’t always have to be tight; you can pick leather skirts or dresses with flattering pleats or a flare. Leather pants are very sexy too and are easy to pair with a brightly colored tunic top. If you are still unsure about how leather will look, keep it simple with a leather jacket, or pair leather boots with a cute dress.


Most recommended flattering pleats dress or skirt for brunch

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Sequins: Nothing screams party like glitter. Sequins come in a variety of colors and finishes. If gold is the standard color for the Indian wedding ceremony, try silver as the color for your night out with your girlfriends. I like the idea of wearing sequined capris or pants because the sequined dress is a tad overdone.  If you are worried that a fully sequined outfit is too gaudy, try a sequined jacket in black; it’s classy and fun.


Most recommended sequined capris for a night of dancing

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Lace: Lace is classy. Even if you are going to the craziest party, lace outfits can bring poise to your look. It is easy to wear and absolutely reusable. If you have already used lace dresses for many occasions, try lace shorts with a fun bling top. You’ll be all set to grab the spotlight.


Most recommended lace shorts for dinner & drinks

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Quotes: If you are not one of the most feminine brides, and if skirts and dresses are just not your thing, don’t worry. You can still stand out by wearing one of these ultra cute tees with quotes on them. Try tees and quotes in bright neon colors to stand out. These quotes are so adorable, we promise no one will complain about the lack of mainstream fashion.


Most recommended “Last Pitch before she is hitched” or “He put a ring on it” for slumbers and Bridal showers

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Bridesmaids, don’t forget the three important things to ensure that brides look chic: a tiara, a Bride-to-be sash, and a big smile.

Note: First Published on Wedmegood