Bazaar therapy

Last weekend I finally decided to start living the long anticipated life of a working woman. This meant that come the weekend, it was time to unwind, catch up with friends and family and spend some time pursuing a hobby: reading and retail therapy. As a management student I have had to dedicate most of my weekends to classes, presentations and assignments. I had almost forgotten how a Sunday was actually spent. Last weekend seemed ideal to make the start for I now have a salary and the city was abuzz with a whole lot of events and a three day weekend.

The big weekend started off with a smooth drive home from work, which is rarely the case on a Friday evening. Saturday too was relaxed with a long lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday, visiting family and a lot of gossip.  Sunday was the highlight because it didn’t involve preparing for Monday, but was spent on a relaxing lunch with a few friends and then off shopping at an arts bazaar with my mother.

Arts bazaars, oh how I love them! The one I never miss is the one at Chitra Kala Parishat (CKP). CKP has a series of expos every few months and I lured my mother into coming with me for this particular one because they had something for both of us: trinkets and other fun stuff for me and sarees for her.  The market was outstanding. There were plenty of sarees from all over India, each different and exquisite, and every handcrafted trinket seemed to call my name. Every small stall offered something unique and with over 50 stalls there was much to choose from. However, the true joy was in walking around the bazaar, spread over a large space of stony pathways surrounded by greenery.

These bazaars always remind me of why I like them more than a mall experience. It is simply because the things sold here seem more authentic, are well –crafted, and are made by talented people. The work that goes into every piece that is displayed has a story to tell. The people at the stall are all small business entrepreneurs, most of whom started producing their items as a hobby and are now able to make an income out of it.

I walked away from the bazaar, as I always do, feeling inspired to pursue a hobby or to finish a project. It definitely kindles the creativity in me. I have resolved to dedicate a few hours in the weekends to come to finish a “hobby project” I started. The goal is to finish it before my next long weekend for who knows; maybe another bazaar will call that weekend.Image