Celebrating with Confetti

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.

A quote repeated, a quote pursued, a quote made into reality not just for Disney but for many others who believe in the magic of dreams and the celebration of every moment of life. Among those believers is Pooja Haira who started Confetti, an online boutique that redefines the “Do it yourself” (DIY) mantra. Initially offering  a variety of artistic products-like paintings and handmade accessories- Confetti set itself apart in the e-commerce space by providing customers the option to personalise its products. Since then, Confetti has expanded its product line to include unique and one-of-a-kind items, including the first ever personalized and custom-painted canvas bags that are offered in association with Love Art Fashion.

Confetti celebrated its 1st birthday last week. In the past year, it has grown from a one-woman company to a profitable venture by dominating the lucrative gift market space by offering something unique for each of its customers. But confetti’s success is not owed just to its exclusive products, but also to its vibrant young entrepreneur Pooja Haria. Pooja gave up a well-paying marketing career to make her Confetti dream come true. She dared to veer off the beaten track and work single-mindedly towards her goal. But the journey has not been easy. With stiff competition in the online space, and almost every idea exhausted, Pooja spends a lot of time on ideation and personalising her orders. Her belief that every moment in life is special and must be celebrated, translates into making every order exceptional. The thrill she finds in personalising a gift is what she calls “the joy of giving”.  Ultimately, Pooja’s earnest intention to partake in her customers’ special moments is what puts Confetti ahead of its compeitiors.

Confetti is a great start up model with a thoughtful motto - to inspire people to celebrate every moment of life.  It has the right recipe for a succesful venture : a dream, passion, a purpose and in Confetti’s case, Pooja Haria, some magic and a lot of celebration.  


Please visit Confetti’s FaceBook page www.facebook.com/confetti16 to start your journey of expressions and celebrations.