With the start of my vacation and the atmosphere of laziness setting in, I am kick starting many projects, the most important of which is the “eat lots and sleep plenty” project. The prime goal of this project is to catch up on lots of sleep, and eat well because I live to eat. The other projects are crocheting and heavy baking. Back to project “eat lots and sleep plenty”.  There isn’t much to say about the sleep plently part. I am making good progress with morning snoozes, aftenoon naps and long nights of slumber. Now on to the eat part:  the eat part of my vacations always takes me back to my childhood. Most of my school vacations revolved around food. My parents would stock up our shelves at home with munchies and goodies for my sister and me. My temptation would always get the better of me and I would quickly finish my share and demand hers. Summer vacations also involved 6 - hour journeys to visit my grandparents who lived in my native city. From the vegetable cutlets served on Southern Railways, to the highway pit-stops made when we drove by car, and the local delicacies and eateries of the city itself, the highlight of these vacations was the variety of food.

During these vacations I developed a loyalty towards many foods and brands, some of which have now disappeared from the market. These include : Break – a crunchy chocolate bar with a fun, white wrapper,  and the chocolate bar itself having a thick coating of cocoa over a rice biscuit; Yummies –  little packets of fryums in different flavours and colours, my favourite being the green, chaat flavour; animal crakers –little biscuits that came in all shapes and sizes and were mostly unbranded and sold in lose at the kirana shops; and my international treat – gummy Bears – chewy, stretchy, sugary, translucent little pieces of fun. Many of these treats have mostly faded away and  have been replaced by Kitkat and Lays, etc. So, as I sit here on a lazy vacation afternoon, digging into my corn chips, I cannot but think of the taste of yummies. Slurp! I wish there were a way to revive these old brands and relaunch them all over again. They’d make the eat part of my vacation so much better.