Talking Trends

Someone once said; “There are two very important things to have a good conversation: content and style”. Communication is much like fashion. There are the stereotypes: fashionable elite whose conversations are stylish, but have little content, the brand conscious whose conversations only possess style, the odd-balls who have neither style nor content, and our favourite – “mix and matchers” who have the perfect blend of both. Much like fashion, communication styles and content too are quiet seasonal. Not only do the and objects of conversations change based on current happenings, but the style of speech changes from generation to generation. So, how can we be “mix and matchers” and stay conversationally “in season”? To stay in vogue in the field of communication, the key is to know one’s audience and make a great first impression. The first step towards this is to know what topics hold their attention, and ask and be ready to answer questions. It is also highly recommended that you know what you are talking about because few contexts accept hogwash. The second step is to style the conversation by using the right words or appropriate “lingo”, using voice modulation, and inserting non-verbal communication. These aspects allow you to establish a better connection. The third and most important step has been stated time and again: be yourself. Don’t forget that incorporating trends is very different from becoming a victim to trends. Stay true to who you are and you will be heard. So, go out there and talk the talk. Speak, hear, be heard and connect.