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Chic chat: Namitha gopal

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Chic chat:      Namitha gopal

Namitha Gopal is a media professional, born and raised in Bangalore. She loves exploring microbreweries and is passionate about animals and hopes to do something with either or both someday soon. Until then, "I am gonna continue using my right side of the brain (i.e., bring creative) to pay my bills." she says. Here, she shares the vibe of the media industry and her tip to looking put together.

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What is the style/culture in your office?

Most media industry jobs have an element of being creative. We don't have a dress code. We literally have a ‘dress to express’ situation going on in our organization. So on any given day, you can see from joggers to fun skirts to really cool slogan t-shirts. Any personal style is appreciated as long as it is kept appropriate.

I see on Instagram that you are always exploring new places after work and on weekends, do you have any work to wine looks?

Life is all about balance. We all work hard in our jobs- 5 days a week, and sometimes even 6 days and that's why it’s very important to take a break before we have a breakdown. Since my work-style is not too formal (unless I have a meeting that day) it is fairly easy for me to pick an outfit that will go with both moods. Of course, I do keep in mind to not wear something blingy or something that would cause distraction at work. But a great tip is to rely on the accessories because these little things have the power to quickly transform any serious outfit into a fun one.

My all-time favorite “work to wine” look would be an oversized shirt with skinny jeans along with big hoop earrings for the day and tie up the same shirt for a more casual evening. One can achieve this look anywhere and in no time.

I also see that you are an accessory person. Do you have a signature piece?

I feel accessories speak louder than the outfits we wear. It immediately tells you the kind of person you are. If you are into thin gold/silver chains or tiny studs, you come across as elegant, minimalistic and maybe even sophisticated. I am a 'Type A' personality, my accessories are just as loud and out there as I am. They are huge, chunky, mostly boho and in your face. hahaha. My signature accessory/go to accessory would be my statement neck pieces. They immediately transform a good outfit to a better one.


You look so put together. How do plan your outfits for the week?

Wow, I love the compliment. Thank you! Honestly, there is no planning. I don't go by days of the week at all. Sometimes, I feel playful on a Monday, so you will see me in a jumpsuit and on some days, you will see me chugging a drink in a salwar kameez and a bindi. However, I maintain a clean and organized wardrobe. Since its all hung right there in front of me, it becomes a lot easier to find things and put it together.


What is the one look/trend you will never try? Why?

Here are a couple of things I will NEVER try. (Not because they are not good, I just feel I won't look appealing in them.)

Hairstyle: Bangs! I already have thick black eyebrows. Imagine a big chunk of hair falling on my forehead?? Ugh. As much as I love it, but sadly I cannot.

Fashion: Animal print; snake/zebra/leopard/any animal is a big NO. They can stay on the runway but I ain't got no space for that in my wardrobe.

Do you have any rituals/routines that have helped your skin/hair?

Nothing really unique, I have curly thick hair so I try to:

-oil my hair twice a week.

-detangle my hair once a week as I don't want to pull my curls out.

-Condition is a must after every wash (of course)

-let my hair to air dry. I never blow dry.

For my skin- more than do’s, I follow the don’t’s.

No dairy/fried items for me, my skin reacts faster than light travels. So I stay away from them. And If I still manage to get acne, I don't acknowledge them even for a second. I turn completely blind to it and I believe they disappear faster. :)


Rapid Fire

One product you cannot travel without

Sanitizer and my Patanjali headache balm(As strange as it sounds, I am really sensitive to bright lights and loud noises)

Your favorite restaurant/ bar in Bangalore:

Arbor Brewing Company, Smoke House Deli and Infinitea

Your biggest splurge to date.

None yet. They are all under budget. I tend to keep it that way. Gifts are welcome though. Hahaha.