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Special pieces for special occasions

Krupa KumarComment

The weather is finally getting warm enough for wearing fancy clothes without jackets on date nights. Abhi recently spotted this piece and asked me to try it. I would never have gone for something like this ( honestly, I didn't think he would go for velvet) but I loved it the minute I tried it.


I am hoping to wear it for our anniversary dinner next month. Isn't it elegant and effortless?

With a ponytail or low bun, gold accessories and red lipstick, jumpsuits can go from work to wine.

IMG_2932 (1).jpg

Also, curious to hear - how do you pick outfits for special occasions? I normally shop for an occasion or set some pieces aside for specific events. So far, I have invested in an interview shirt, meeting pants, this jumpsuit, wear it with anything basic black top and a few date night pieces.