Styling Striped Shirtdress

Styling Striped Shirtdress

Last week, we had the pleasure of coming back from our amazing trip to just in time to celebrate Abhi's birthday. Although spring's been capricious until I left, we came back to amazing weather.. so, I had to take my new shirt dress out for a spin around the vineyards in Livermore. 

I can't believe its taken me this long to discover a shirtdress. Not only are they super comfy, but they just look so so effortlessly cool.  The unexaggerated colors, the simple, but chic striped pattern, and the overall femininity I felt rocking this dress was priceless! 

AND, no extra accessories needed to 'dress' this look up. I just threw on a hat I borrowed (read stole) from Abhi and I was all set.

P.S -  I highly recommend checking out the wineries around Livermore, they are laid back, have great service and of course some of the best wines. Particularly, love the atmosphere at this one.  

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