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Golden Hour Glow

Krupa KumarComment
Golden Hour Glow

It is hard for me to pick just one shade of yellow I love. This week, this sunny bright shade came out as emerging winner.


After a big celebration of the Tamil new year, I headed out to meet some friends in this fun outfit. Given the warm temperature, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out my new crop top & heels. Taking inspiration from the golden hour, I paired my bright yellow top with coated skinny jeans and black heels. Also, so glad the smocked trend has made a comeback. It is definitely one of my favorite trends that I’ve stocked up on the smocked staples.

Even though I am easily drawn to happy, yellow clothes, I refrain from indulging because they can be difficult to style. I know yellow comes off as too bright, so my tip for styling this notorious color if to keep it low-key. Like here the only accessory I have a pair of simple sunglasses, the weather demanded.

Coated jeans. Yellow top
Yellow crop top
IMG_0137 (1).jpg

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a bright week ahead!