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The Perfect Sunday to Kick-Start Monday.

Krupa KumarComment
The Perfect Sunday to Kick-Start Monday.

It may come as no surprise to you that Mondays are my least favorite days of the week. I plan everything out for a Monday, make to-dos and set a schedule and yet they turn out to be so hectic. Mondays just start to early and end too late for me.

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I am happy to say I may have found something to make a Monday more bearable. A perfect Sunday is my cure for a hectic Monday. The perfect Sunday itinerary can be anything you love doing. My Sundays are normally very quiet. I never make plans with my friends or family for Sunday nights, I never go out anywhere or open a bottle of wine because you know ‘I have to prepare for the week ahead’.

I changed that up a little bit a while ago and ended up having a perfect Sunday. It started out with two breakfast and a light lunch and was followed by a coffee date with a few of my girlfriends (When Pooja Haria who took all these great pictures)  at a local cafe -Just Be Cafe. The coffee, ambiance, food, and company was great. That's the things about local cafes, they are never too far, never too crowded or noisy. We talked, played board games, took tons of pictures ( you know it's rare that four of us are ever together) and for the food to settle, past sunset before we headed home.



Now every time I want to break a creative block, catch up on some pending work, read or catch up with a few friends I always schedule it for a Sunday afternoon at a local cafe. I love how refreshing rejuvenating Sundays can be. The perfect Sunday and a good nights sleep is all that is required to tackle the week ahead.

Favorite Bangalore Local Cafes


1. Just Be Cafe  

2. The Wishing Chair

3. Little Green Cafe 

4. Om Made Cafe

5. Rogue Elephant Basavanagudi ( Fun Fact - This is where Abhi & I first met)

The Piedpiperess Krupa .jpg

Ones I love in the Bay area

1. Hanahaus

2. Mademoiselle Colette ( Latest Favorite) 

3. Devout Coffee

4. Slap Face Coffee

5. Backyard Brew

What is your kind of perfect Sunday and which is your favorite cafe/coffee shop?Let me know in the comments below.