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5 Instagram Inspired Styles I Want to Try in 2018

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5 Instagram Inspired Styles I Want to Try in 2018

January always gets me excited about trying new things especially new styles. Thinking about new trends, styles that will survive in the new year. Given one of my resolutions was sustainability and thinking about rescuing my pieces, I’ve been exploring styles I can try that doesn’t require a shopping haul. Where do I start to look for inspiration - the saved photo function on Instagram. Here are 5 styles I’ve saved and hope to try this soon.

Twirls in Tulle -  I love tulle skirts and dresses. I currently own two pieces one skirt and one dress. I’ve used both exactly once! Given how cute they look I want to use it more often this year. So, Instagram inspiration to pair them with warm sweaters and cool boots.

Of course - More tulle means more twirls right?

Image credit:  Purplepinkp

Image credit: Purplepinkp

Be a beret babe - If you have been reading my blog or IG post for a while now you know I have an untamable mane. Hence, I have never really been into hats or caps or anything that makes my hair look more unruly. Lately though, I have been trying techniques and products that help reduce the frizz and style my hair better. So. I am super excited to try a beret for the first time soon. I don’t own a super cute beret but I do own something similar that I can work with for trial phase. :)

Image credit:  lapetitenoob

Image credit: lapetitenoob

Tie them t-shirts - Even though I love colours and incorporate them in my outfit they are most through my accessories. Think jewellery, scarves and shoes. So for the most, I wear a lot of basic denim and t-shirts. I am very conscious and I simply don’t know how to tie the t-shirt to make them look chic. I am definitely saving many IG photos with tied t-shirts to take inspiration and tips.

Image credit:  Walkinwonderland

Image credit: Walkinwonderland

Stay tall in high heels - Thankfully this is one of the trends I am just going to have to continue and not adopt. Mid 2017 I went shopping with a bunch of girlfriends for everyday heels. I bought a pair in black (with straps of course) but since then there has been no looking back. I wear heels but this year I want to experiment with more colorful ones. Jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts you can wear them all year, day or night.

Image Credit:  adenorah

Image Credit: adenorah

Drape it different - Of course there has to be an Indian trend to try. I just discovered the cancan saree drape and ladies it is a game-changer if you love silk sarees. Personally, I’ve stayed  away from buying silk for two years but that said I inherit and already own a few sarees so I love that the cancan saree drape is fun way to style the classics. Of course, inspiration from Tia the cancan saree princess.

Image credit:  tiabhuva

Image credit: tiabhuva


What are you 2018 fashion goals? Let me know in the comments below.