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Babbu's Beauty Uniform

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Babneet Lakhesar, better know as Babbu the painter, is the beautiful founder and face of Babbu’s Dukaan. Her art is much like her lifestyle and routine, expressive and bursting with life. Read on to learn about her inspiration, routines, and life. 


Where are you originally from? When did you move to Canada? 

Babbu: Originally from Punjab, India. Born in Bathinda and raised in Canada. I moved to Canada with the whole family when I was six years old. My mom's side of the family is from Jalandhar, Punjab and my dad's side of the family is from a small village in Rajasthan. And it was amazing to have experienced India for the six years I was there. It really gave me great context of my Indian background and culture. 
Did you follow any Indian beauty/fashion traditions growing up that has stayed with you?

Babbu: Yess!! My mom has always been very passionate about fashion and beauty, and it translated to us (me and my siblings). My mom would religiously do hair masks on us, oil our bodies before our baths and make us custom outfits. And all these things stuck with us. I use a lot of household products to take good care of my hair and skin.



When did you start to define your style or become interested in fashion? 

Babbu: I became really invested in fashion about two years back. When I really started to infuse my two closets together. I think every Indian girl has a western and a traditional closet. It was the exploration of being Babbu = Indo-Canadian.

How do you dress up for a special occasion? 

Babbu: Always dressed to impress myself. I love dressing up and it is all for me.

What is the one fashion/beauty rule you will never break? 

Babbu: Dress like it is the last day you'll be seen alive.


What is your hair care routine? Is your hair straight /curly? How often do you change it?

Babbu:  My hair is naturally wavy/straight (not dead straight). Once/twice a month I do a homemade hair mask. And the way I style my hair depends on my mood and how much time I have to get ready. My hair is really long and heavy and can take upto two hours at minimum to style.

 What is your overall fashion philosophy? Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

Babbu: Just be yourself and carry yourself the way you would like to be perceived. REKHA HANDS DOWN.


Given how influential you are in streetwear, can you tell us what defines your street style and how to incorporate it into our wardrobes? 

Babbu: I've always loved streetwear and I've always wanted to incorporate my love for my Indian heritage in that space. So one thing led to another and I came up with pieces like the Bakwaas denim jacket. It is really as simple as having a casual outfit and pairing it with a very nice shawl. Or wearing a kurta with jeans and a nice pair of heels. The possibilities are really endless.

What is a typical day in Babbu’s life like? 

Babbu: To be honest, it varies, it can be as lazy as just hanging out with family and friends and taking it easy. Working all day and night. Travelling! I'm very blessed to be able to schedule my day to day life and just live every moment of it.


What inspired you to start the Dukaan? Tell us the why you have a collection called ‘Bakwaas’ and finally, give us your top picks from the Dukaan. 

Babbu: It all started with me wanting to buy the clothes I wanted to wear. eg. Bollywood posters on a Tee. My mom would always say everything I did was bakwaas. And I thought why not share all the bakwaas around me. So again one thing led to another.

My all-time faves:
Bakwaas Jacket
Bakwaas Kettle 
Bakwaas Dad Cap

Thank you, Babbu!


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