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Chat with Chetna Makan

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Chat with Chetna Makan

Being a massive fan of fashion, bakes & the great British baking show, Chetna Makan was my obvious choice to kick start my new series on fashion & beauty uniforms. Through this series, I interview people with a unique sense of fashion and talk to them about their, style, inspiration routines and more.  

As a trained fashion designer the ‘flavor queen’ brings fusion to more than her bakes. She is talented and down to earth with a seriously amazing (more) salt & (less) pepper hair, and is definitely one of my style icons. Here, she talks to me about her favorite brands, style inspiration,  embracing the greys and of course desserts!

Where in India are you from? When did you move overseas? 

Chetna Makan: I was born and brought up in Jabalpur in central India and moved to the U.K. 13 years ago. 

You have such a cool haircut & I love how you embrace your greys! Have you always worn your hair this short?
Chetna Makan: I believe we should be happy with what we have. Going by that philosophy,  I love my grey hair and I am proud to show it! Initially, when I started greying, I did color it for a bit as it was not that much but when it got a bit more grey I decided that I can't be coloring my hair so often and did not want to rely on coloring. I absolutely love the grey now! I do however switch things up with my hairstyle every few months, now that I have shoulder length hair it has not been changed for over a year now. I am planning to keep it the same length or maybe go shorter soon. 

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What is your go-to style? How do you change things up for a special occasion?

Chetna Makan: Comfort first always. I always pick the most comfortable outfits. I also don't follow trends as I believe you should wear whatever makes you happy. I also love a natural look and hence don’t believe in or wear much makeup.  usually just slip into jeans and t-shirt or kurta depending on the weather and mood. I do like and wear eye make up - mainly kajal & eyeliner. I don’t wear any other makeup. I also have a love for handmade accessories like necklaces and earrings. A special occasion calls for accessories.  

What is your signature scent? 

Chetna Makan: I don't enjoy very strong perfume but would love to bottle the smell of Indian desi gulab.


What are your go-to clothing & accessories brands?

Chetna Makan: I don’t focus on the brand as much as I do on the piece itself. I have never looked at the label to choose a particular brand. I do have some go to stores when I shop though. I am happy to shop on the high street in stores like H&M, Zara or Mango. Also whenever I visit India I like to shop at Fabindia and Anokhi. 

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And do you talk to your daughter about beauty and style? What is the one thing you tell her to influence personal style?

Chetna Makan: No, my daughter is very young and I don't want to influence her in any form and want her to choose for herself when she grows older. She is a very creative young girl who spends a lot of her time in the arts and crafts! 

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You were like the mistress of flavors on The Great British Baking Show. Was it easy to get comfortable in front of the camera?

Chetna Makan:  All of us bakers were new to the whole camera and baking thing. It took us a week to get used to and be comfortable baking and talking to the camera at the same time.


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What do you make for dinner at home? Is dessert a daily affair?

Chetna Makan: Weekly meals could be anything from a lentils or sabji to pasta or pizza. Yes, we usually have a dessert almost every day as we all have a sweet tooth.

What is your favorite dessert of all time?

Chetna Makan: I can't choose one but I love a victoria sponge, jalebi, and gulab jamun.