Krupa Kumar

Must try transition colour combinations!

Krupa Kumar
Must try transition colour combinations!

I cannot believe it is the last week of summer already! We had a warm summer here in Cali, and you guys know how much I love the sun; it is a mood lifter. As we transition into fall, I spot oranges and browns sprouting around the flowerbeds and green parks, making it a true galore of colours. With so many colours all around, I have been inspired to try new color combinations in my outfits that are seasonal, fresh, and use a medley of colors in the combo (not just two). Here are five new transition colour combinations that you can use to style your workwear or brighten up your workspace.


Citron + Electric blue + Orange

A fun combination with members of the family of bright colours. They blend so well with each other. Focus on combining the blues and oranges and throw a dash of citron to complete the look. This combination works very well for a mid-week cheery outfit (Tip: Citron - can be an accessory like a chunky necklace or scarf.)


Yellow + Purple + Pink

Why not take some bright colours and give them a pastel twist? Use this combination and work with subdued shades to make it feel like a transition combination. I recommend using yellow as the base and spluttering different tones of light purple and pink as they work beautifully together.

Nude + Burgundy + Brown

My go-to new fall combination. I am not a big fan of brown, but I do love nude and burgundy. With this combo, the nude offers a base and the burgundy brings some fun. As for the brown, I have learned it works well with other colours from its own family. Use the burgundy as the focus colour.

Electric pink + Neon green + Blue

Missing the summer too much? You can carry the spirit on with this bright yet soothing combination of blue, green and pink. I highly recommend going bold with two colours and evening out the combo with a subtle twist. This one is sure to make a fall/ monsoon Monday brighter!

Fuchsia + Gold + Red

One bold, one beautiful color, and one base is all you need to make a great combination. This combo has all three and so much character: the gold stands for poise and peace, fuchsia for grace, and the pop of red is, of course, boldness. Wear it to work or use the colours for a party theme this fall or winter.

I remember colouring elephants pink and oranges blue! Don’t adhere to the colour rules, it's all about experimenting and trying new combinations. How often do you mix colours? What are your favourite combinations? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo credits: Swathi Sridharan & Abhinandan P.B