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Sonakshi Sinha’s Stylist Sakshi Mehra’s Super Glam Wedding in Thailand!

Krupa KumarComment
Sonakshi Sinha’s Stylist Sakshi Mehra’s Super Glam Wedding in Thailand!

One of the best pieces of fashion advice I got as a teenager was ‘ If something looks good on you, always buy it in two colours’. That sound advice came from one of B-town’s most sought stylists –Sakshi Mehra who dresses up the likes of Sonakshi Sinha. Well, cut to today and  we just got our hands on her wedding – outfits, celebs, and grandeur in tow ! First, those delish kaleeras in the shape of parrots by Mrinalini and the sweet minimalistic invites with parrots again. We loved the fashion forward Mehendi outfit, and the simplistic design sensibility with sweet floral and fruity decor  decor – just so glam photographed by Anup J kat Photography.

Meet Sakshi & Sameer


“It was love at first sight’ was the first thing she mentioned. ‘It was a set up by a friend, I honestly didn’t take it too seriously but as we wrapped up the evening we knew we had found love. Sameer is a romantic, a romantic who makes things happen. We met in January, got engaged in April and married in January” explains Sakshi.

The Couple’s Shoot 


The Mehendi


The Sangeet


The Wedding


From The Bride: 

Sakshi’s wedding vision was not about what’s in vogue, it was rather simple, it was for her guests to enjoy and celebrate! Sakshi & Sameer wanted to have a relaxed, easy wedding that didn’t exhaust everyone especially their guests.

The couple picked Thailand as it was neutral territory and offered a relaxed, chilled out environment. Keeping the vibe in sync with her style she chose a contemporary theme. An important element (with an interesting story) was Parrots. On a rather casual shopping spree, Sakshi spotted a Krishna Mehta Parrot embroidered outfit and locked it down. The parrots caught her attention enough to translate into a quirky theme and into two very important details – Wedding stationery and her Kaleeras. “The minute I saw the parrots, I called my friend (invitation designer ) Natalie Mankani, to suggest using it in the stationery. She immediately understood what I wanted and the invitations were exactly what I envisioned,” says Sakshi exuberantly.

And as for the fun kaleeras: ‘We loved making the bunch of chirpy parrot kaleeras for her! There were more than a dozen parrots on each of the kaleeras. To keep it as chirpy and vivacious as Sakshi we kept the parrots with open wings and almost in flight mode.’ says jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra

“My wedding outfits, I wanted them to be contemporary & fuss free ( No dupatta fuss). I selected the outfits off the runway, handpicked them from designer boutiques and had one complete designed and handmade by a designer friend. Initially I thought pastels and gold, but it just didn’t have the bridal vibe. Then I decided on red, and worked the combos, red and gold was too common and loud. So, I went to Zara Umrigar. Zara and her mother are among my most favorite designers. After a brainstorming, we decided it should be red on red and no borders and bling but intricate, detailed work. This was the outfit I was most nervous about but it exceeded my expectations,” adds Sakshi.

Fashion tips for brides from Sakshi Mehra, Sonakshi’s Stylist! 

1. Pick outfits that suit your body type: There is always going to be something in vogue but it may not be for you. Traditional outfits don’t look great on me so I ensured my outfits were contemporary, fun blouses and high waist lehengas. Be sure to get a style that suits your body type.

2. Pick your jewellery first: Atleast, I did. When I started the wedding shopping, I went to Jaipur to meet my jeweller and pick out a few pieces. Jewellery is expensive and timeless so I suggest picking it out before the outfit. I also suggest making the jewellery into smaller pieces like neck pieces can be made into a choker and a longer necklace so when you reuse them you aren’t forced to wear it together.

3. No fuss with the dupatta: Ditch the dupatta for your sangeet and reception. They are a hassle, constantly slipping out no matter how much you pin it. Think out wearing it under a waist belt or ditch it like I did ( Sangeet & reception). Explore other options to enhance your lehenga like the cape.

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