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Packing essentials for the biggest party of the year!

Krupa KumarComment
Packing essentials for the biggest party of the year!

I am so stoked, this month was officially the start of many celebrations. With V-day, the big holiday and hosting a few family members, my February set the start to a very  promising year. Needless to say, I was most excited about our first big getaway to the Big easy for Mardi Gras!

I love colours, bright things and big celebrations. So imagine my thrill when Abhi asked me if I wanted to check out the parades and take a week off in New Orleans. This trip was also so special because it has many firsts. My first time to New Orleans, my first parade experience, and my first time packing only cabin baggage. I am not a light packer so this was a struggle.  Plus how do you pack only cabin for the biggest party of the year? Well, after a lot of time and effort I did it.

So, here is my quick cabin only packing guide if your are travelling to the Big apple or Big easy!


Pro-tip: Check the weather. All your outfits need to be planned based on the weather. If the weather is unpredictable like in New Orleans then pack to dress in layers. Here is what I packed

  1. Jacket / Cardigan- I picked  a neutral colour yet glam jacket that went with all my outfits.I get cold very easily. So, normally even mild evening can turn out to be cold for me and hence, I never step out without a jacket.
  2. Jeans / Trousers-  It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is, your best bet to looking good and feeling comfy is your pair of your favourite jeans or trousers. My fav pair is a skinny black one.
  3. Footwear - As far as footwear is concerned, comfort is key. I knew  most vacays have a lot of walking around to do so I carried a pair of cute closed-toe shoes and lucky for me,I found a comfy  pair that is  stylish enough  to enhance my outfit so  I packed that too.
  4. Tops - I always like carrying a mix of solids, printed and patterns for the day. Also, I always throw in two dressy tops in case there is a fancy dinner or formal event. For this trip, I chose tops that were layering friendly.
  5. Accessories -  Like I said in my earlier post, I am a jewellery hoarder. I love accessorising outfits. So I carried a few of my fav pieces but this time,  I  also carried a scarf, a neutral belt, a few hair accessories that took my look to the  Mardi Gras level.
  6. Makeup & Toiletries - The basic kohl, lip gloss, chapstick and perfume. Only, this time, I packed my colourful eye shadows and eyeliners I haven’t used in awhile. What better time to use them than Mardi Gras! I also packed travel size toiletries as I don’t enjoy using hotel products.
  7. Emergency Kit - Given my clumsy nature and the big party, I packed a few bandaids, a few aspirins and, of course,  tissue wipes.
  8. Miscellaneous - I normally carry a good book but this time, I ditched it to catch up on some extra rest. The last thing I packed was the phone, camera  and chargers to bring back home all the action from Mardi Gras.

So, check out  Instagram see how we enjoyed the biggest party of the year.