The Bling Affair

The Bling Affair

Only one week to go, lovelies! Have you planned the big V-Sunday yet? This year, the most exciting part of Valentine's day is that it falls on a Sunday of a long weekend. This means it doesn’t have to be a late night dinner date or just some wine and pasta at home. You can plan ahead of time and go to the city, spend the entire day out and, of course, plan your outfit. Whether you're going out with your best friend or with the date of your dreams, it is important to look good.

For most of us, real love is also dressing up. This year I am exploring my love for bling a little deeper.  It is no secret that I love basic colours and outfits that give me the opportunity to accessorize. So being the jewelry hoarder that I am, I could not leave my Valentine's day look unaccessorized. Hence, I treated myself to simple yet elegant pieces from Finura by Richa Maheshwari.

I first spotted this amazing collection when one of my BFFs was sporting a gorgeous green necklace. Since then I have been waiting to indulge in Finura. I, of course, went for more than a neckpiece (unfortunately, they were out of the green pieces) and ordered the three most essential pieces: a pair of earrings in a pink hue, a chunky neckpiece with some sparkle, and a statement ring.


I have put together an all white look that can be paired with any piece of jewelry. So it doesn’t matter if you are off to the museum, a fancy date with a view, or just walking down the chilly pier, you can always try to accessorize accordingly. Also, if you guys love Finura as much as I do, check out more designs on ( I am crushing on those lovely rings. What a better time to buy one than Valentine’s day?