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A bold-chic holiday look.

Krupa Kumar11 Comments
A bold-chic holiday look.

It is that time of the year, the most wonderful one. The cold weather, the holidays (read parrrtttyyyy), the pretty lights, great vibes and a lot of Christmas cheer. This is my first Christmas in California, so I am very, very excited to see the lights, attend the holiday gatherings, spend time with family and friends, and of course, dress up.

As clichéd as it sounds, my favorite colors for the holidays are red, black, and gold. You have to accept that these colors never let the sexy holiday look take a backseat. That said, I refuse to let this year be another where I slip into a sleek, embellished party dress. I am going to swap the sleek and slender look this year for something a little more bold chic.

Creating a new bold look is simple because it means investing in one statement piece and building the rest of the look around it. When I pick a statement piece, I like it to be handcrafted and one that tells a story. My piece this year comes from the storytellers of the fashion industry, Ikkivi.

Ikkivi is a fashion revolution. The showcased designers and pieces are not those featured on the runway but those found through word of mouth, at smaller markets, and nooks and corners of the country. Ikkivi is far from the norm in their choice of designers and business model and this is what makes them unique.

I chose a bold crop top meets jacket look from Ikkivi. The jacket is incredibly stylish and sophisticated at the same time. A perfect fit for the holiday season! The little red ducks arranged asymmetrically bring in the festive spirit and a little bit of quirk, which I love.


There are many statement pieces to pick from Ikkivi, but my advice: pick a piece that is an investment for a lifetime. You want something versatile so you can either mix and match or just throw it on to complete the look. Some of my other favorite pieces with the potential to create a statement:

  1. Mid cowl back dress
  2. Rabari skirt 
  3. Sheer cover-up
  4. Hybrid jacket 
  5. Bobble cover-up jacket

Drop the sleek slender look and go bold, bold boho, bold chic, or bold sporty. Don’t forget to send me a picture of your bold look. Happy Holidays folks!