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Love. Comfort. Style. Shoes

Krupa KumarComment
Love. Comfort. Style. Shoes

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love - Coco Chanel

My heart flutters when I see handcrafted fashion items and my heart skips a beat if the handcrafted item is a pair of shoes. Most of you understand and share the love for shoes. It is amazing how shoes are more than a possession for some of us, it is an obsession! I mean all of us have a pair of ‘go-to’ pair right? You know why you should trust your go to shoes more than your go-to dress? Because the shoes won’t let you down. Even when  you have put on a few pounds or when you spend the afternoon bingeing on chocolate pecan pie, they will always fit and make you look fab!

Being a big shoe freak myself, I try to have varied styles in my wardrobe. One of the styles I have been trying to add to my collection is the classic Indian juttis. Juttis are one of the most comfortable shoe styles. I love how versatile they are. They can be teamed with Indian, Western and Contemporary outfits. I have been  looking for something with beautiful designs & good quality ( long life basically).

So imagine my excitement when a collaboration with Pastels & Pop came up .  Last Friday when my order arrived at my door, there was no doubt that I instantly dropped what I was doing to finally try on what I was lusting after for the last few months.

Pastels & Pop is the young yet super successful  jutti venture in town. Started by the  Chhabra sisters, P&P aims at making comfortable, fashionable and stylish juttis a part of your everyday wear. The juttis are made by some of the finest artisans of India and  are completely hand sewn, hand embroidered and have a double cushioning for extra comfort.

P&P is currently an online store and have been to several exhibitions in Bangalore & Bombay. The range is wide and draws inspiration from nature, art, colors, architecture and customer inputs.

“Every time we start sketching a design we ask ourselves if we would wear it and with what we would wear it. That thought process is the reason our customers are love our designs” - says co-founder and designer Akanksha Chhabra.

I heard these juttis have  even made their way into B-town. Celebs like Tapsee, Bhumi Padelkar have been spotted wearing P&P.

I set out to pick a favorite pair but I was in jutti heaven when I browsed the collection and I ended up with three. Here is my pick and how I wore it. Don’t forget to check out: