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Krupa KumarComment

I love birthdays! Not only mine, even other loved one's birthdays are so special to me. I wake up grateful and pumped to celebrate. Growing up, I would plan my birthday out in great detail - themed parties, elaborate menu, decor, outfits and guests list.


This year I turn 31and I feel a change. I feel a little mature (a sense of control over my feelings) yet playful and excited (as always)to celebrate. These mixed emotions called for a reflection on the years that have passed.

At 14 -16

The best decision I made - The choice I made to pursue an education in arts & business when all my high school friends chose science. Forever grateful to my parents who pushed me to excel in whatever made me happy and said "Do whatever you enjoy, but give your 100%"

I wish had - A little more direction, focus to find my passion.

Age 18 -20

The best decision I made - To Invest in lifelong friendships! I made a lot of friends in my early twenties but I truly invested in only a few and I couldn't be more grateful for my BFFs.

I wish had - The confidence to put myself out there. Take on more extracurricular activities and hobbies.

Age 21-23

The best decision I made - To try new things. I made new friends, I worked on things I was not good at, got my MBA, pursued hobbies got my first big girl job and salary. Finally, found my feet! I took a year off to spend with my family and it is one of my most cherished memories

I wish had - Let go a little and had more fun. I didn't go out much, enjoy nature or long walks, hit the beach or travel.

Age 24 - 26

The best decision I made - To give a long distance relationship (of course, with Abhi) a shot. It was difficult - there were tears, fights but also there was love, comfort and it felt like home.

I wish had - Asked for help. Leaned on those around me for comfort.

Age 27 - 30

The best decision I made - To take the risk of moving across the world and starting a brand new life. It made me the most independent version of myself.


I wish had - Learned to accept uncertainty especially when things were out of control.

My mantra for 31, continue to work on 'I wish had' list. Accept that I don't have to have it all figured out o a certain age. I am still on looking for my passion, I am still working towards a healthier lifestyle, I am still on the fence about starting a family and I must trust myself to find the answers when I am ready. Until then I am going to enjoy my cake!

Happy Birthday to me!