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Five Favorite Things

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Five Favorite Things

Special occasion dress

Our wedding anniversary is coming up towards the end of this month. We will turn 3 <3. For a special evening, I’d love to wear a dress, like one of these.


Thoughts? 1 or 2?

A common mistake

Are you traveling this summer? If you are making a trip to Europe, read this.

This is a classic example of how simple things can get overlooked and ruin trips. Most European countries require your passport to be valid for at least 90 days after arrival.

Plane picnics

I really tend to get bored and hungry even on short flights and hence I’m making a case for plane picnics. I am going to pack a fancy one for my upcoming travel inspired by Amanda Hesser.

Weekend Binge

What are you watching right now? We haven't started anything new but I am excited to watch the Netflix series wild wild country. My friends with awesome recommendations ( Hi Kelsey) suggested it. After watching the trailer, I am anticipating many plot twist and guessing this may not be a five weeknight watch but rather a weekend binge watch kinda show.

Fresh fragrance

Rose products

If you subscribe to my newsletter (which I strongly recommend you do for more #ootds, date nights ideas & recipes to try ) you already know about my obsession with rose fragrance this season. Guys, I religious stop and smell the roses.

Some of my current fragrance obsessions are rosewater, hand cream, and this sheet mask.

I'd love to try these - body scrub, scalp moisturizing masque, and this candle.