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Making resolutions you can actually keep!

Krupa KumarComment
Making resolutions you can actually keep!

Ramping up to 2018, I saw a lot of posts from people saying ‘2018, I am ready for you’ or ‘2017, was awesome, 2018 you have large shoes to fill’. Well, 2017 was a good year for me. It had its fair share of (more) ups and (less) downs. Stepping into 2018, I’ve had so many mixed emotions. I knew all along that 2018 will be a challenging year of tests. So, I wanted to embrace strength and be prepared to take on challenges. I asked myself how to start and the answer came easily, “look back at what I’ve learned in 2017”.

It is a newer approach to resolutions. Instead of creating a list of shortcomings and promising to work on those. I am going back to what 2017’s learnings have been and continuing to improve them this year. It could be anything: big, small, funny, or mundane. I also asked 4 other lovely women to try this with me and here is what they said. Feel free add your learnings in the comments below.


In 2017 I learned that I am attracted to risk and danger, particularly of the uncommon. Whether it is relentlessly pursuing the risky business of business, exploring treacherous terrains on mountain summits and tropical forests, or speaking out against injustice, I love the thrill of the challenge and the reward. I enjoy coming out a winner, and when I fail, I hope to have come out wiser. 

In 2018 I expect to continue to seek the unfamiliar. I encourage you to join me and take risks, no matter how big or small. Run a little farther, climb a little higher, stand a little taller. May we take chances on ourselves, on our countries, and our fellow human beings. May this be the year when our #metoo stories change from that of victim to that of victory. To paraphrase Faulkner, may we swim for new horizons with the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Krithika Kumar - Scientist & Entrepreneur

In 2017, I learned to be more put together! I finally learned to smudge my eyeliner, blend foundation evenly, and explore different styles and trends. I’ve really discovered myself a little more. I know everyone talks about more natural looks as a fresh start, but I just about started to get this right and I hope to master it in the coming year. I also really want to move towards sustainable fashion this year. For the last one and half years, I’ve stopped purchasing silk and leather. Now, I want to ensure I am focused on keeping the environment in mind beyond that and reusing my existing wardrobe. It is so exciting to style already worn pieces!

Krupa Kumar - Marketing Professional & Blogger

One of the most important things I learned in 2017 is to open my eyes 👀  and mind to people and things around me.This year I have used toothpaste instead of face wash multiple times early mornings when my mind is still hazy and my thoughts are disoriented. The extra effort of being more mindful has actually helped me avoid scrub toothpaste on my face. I guess being more mindful of my surroundings has actually made me look at people and situations more sensibly and clearly this past year. I have learned if my mind can get messed up just by not waking up at my usual time then I definitely shouldn’t be judging people who are not being their usual self. Who knows what’s got their heads messed up. I guess the coming year I want to continue being more mindful.

Chaitra Satish - IT professional  

In 2017, I have learned to be compassionate, work on my short temper, to be more patient, to work on my OCD by myself and not impose it on others, to let go of things that do not matter and to focus on today and tomorrow. This is on the personal front and all thanks to my lovely husband who carries these qualities under his wing so casually and is so modest about it. On the professional front, I have learned how to lead a team, listen to grievances and address them like they are my own, to be more empathetic and solve problems strategically. In 2018, I want to learn to leave my phone in charge in the next room through the night and actually use an alarm clock to wake up. I want to be reconnected with nature and combine it with fitness and reach my end goal. I want to read more professionally and enhance my HR knowledge and use it to solve problems at work and I want to learn to speak Spanish. If I am able to achieve all of these same time next year, then I would have also learned a little something about myself.

Parinitha Ramprasad - HR Professional 

Work pressure, relationships with my loved ones and the constant need to juggle between the two had me at my wits end by mid-2017. I felt no personal growth and always felt bogged down - trying to constantly excel at the two things that mattered to me – I had grown irritable and exhausted, both mentally and physically. Only then did I realize that I had forgotten to water the one plant that probably needed it the most – myself. In 2017, I took up a challenge to consciously work on something that was my own without constantly worrying about everything else that surrounded me. I wrote down 5 things that I saw myself interested in and set a goal that by the end of that month I would let at least one of them consume me. Through this, I started watercolor painting, something that I had avoided trying for years for the fear that I would never be able to be good at it. When I put my brush to the paper the very first time, I ended up painting for an hour straight. I didn’t realize where the time had gone. All there was – were my paints and me. That feeling of forgetting everything, every thought, and emotion, provided such a beautiful escape. Once I finished the first painting, I felt myself craving to do more – find more techniques, look up more inspiration and keep painting. After years, I felt like I was giving myself the attention I deserved and it’s been 6 months since I’m still finding time to paint every week. Finding that one hobby that was reserved undoubtedly for myself, finding the time just to spend with myself was all I needed to find a balance in the other parts of my life too. I hope to not only continue this hobby in 2018 but to be able to truly find some genuine time and interest to pursue one more that I have always wanted to – playing the piano.  This year taught me that give others, of course, but please, first, give yourself too.

Pooja Haria - Party Planner & Entreprenuer