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Wellness Hacks for a Work-From-Home Job

Krupa KumarComment
Wellness Hacks for a Work-From-Home Job


Meet Lalitha Ramachandra, a Healthcare and Policy professional whose passions include wellness, conscious lifestyles, and yoga. So, staying fit is not a challenge for her. Lalitha was introduced to wellness while growing up in India, where she was exposed to natural remedies, ayurvedic nutrition, and yoga. Since then, she has strived to bring these teachings to the  rest of the world with a modern and scientific perspective. Today, she is sharing her routine and wellness hacks while working from home.

With an increasing number of industries and companies noticing the benefits of the low overhead and increased efficiency of remote workers, the percentage of employees doing some or all their work from home has increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015.


Albeit there are proven benefits of remote working, it is essential to preserve the distinction between you personal and professional life.

Here are a few simple things I do to “hack” my typical work-from-home day:

The First Hours:

Your activities during the first couple hours after waking up can set the tone of the day, so make them count! I start off with prioritization and at the top of that list is always myself. Here are a few ways you can establish that.

  • Self-Care Routine: My day typically begins with a healthy breakfast, hot tea and some quiet time that either involves exercise or meditation.
  • Bullet- Journaling: This is a simple and functional way to organize your day, week, month and even year. With our professional lives tied to digital devices, I love having a few moments every day to write down my thoughts, big picture goals and action items. You can learn how to adopt this kind of daily journaling here.  I try to get all the hardest tasks out of my way earlier in the day.

Work-Life Balance:

As a woman who works from home, it is essential to maintain a work-life balance. Without the distinction between your home and office, work days can span longer than 12 hours. On the other hand, house chores could interrupt your work day. This can be especially hard on women with young children.

I usually avoid this situation by:

  • Fixing my work hours and sticking to them. Granted, there may be exceptions, but it is important to make this a routine.
  • Setting up a home office: This could either be a separate room that you only use for your work, or a desk within your apartment. Having worked from home for about two years now, I realize the importance of a workspace that is calming. Personalizing your desk/room with family photos, plants, well-organized stationary, good lighting and an ergonomic chair can work wonders for a good work day.
  • Preparing meals the night before: I always spend a few minutes each night preparing my breakfast and lunch meals. An easy and nutritious breakfast that can be prepared by soaking oats in overnight in dairy/non-dairy milk, topped with nuts, chia seeds, and fruits. Smoothies and green juices are also excellent pick me ups for a busy work morning.
  • It’s okay to say no to the piles of laundry and other household chores.


Daily fix of Endorphins:

Work stress can build up over the week. Sitting in front of your laptop, be it at home or in a café can be physically and mentally stressful. I find that any form of exercise incorporated into my daily routine at the start or the end of a work day, can be beneficial. Click here to read my post about a holistic workout routine.

Change it up:

We all love routines but I find it essential to change things up occasionally.  With some days being more stressful than others, work and chores can take over your day. A change in your desk setting, location, meal or even social outing can work wonders with the stress.


Adding a dose of creativity to your day can be meditative and enhance your professional career by providing inspiration. Here are some ways you can lighten up your busy work day:

  • A DIY project for your office space. This could be decorative, organizational or artistic.
  • Learning a new skill, software or language can help both your professional and personal life.
  • Enroll for a music, art or dance class that you can attend after a long day at work.

A work-from-home career can be rewarding in several ways if you ensure that you prioritize yourself first. Remember that you cannot control what happens during a busy day, but you do have control over how you handle it.

Lalitha has a strong background in life sciences coupled with experience in healthcare policy, economics and law. Her work experiences have made her a well-rounded and holistic healthcare professional equipped to research, analyze and forecast developments in this space. She has an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry and completed her masters in Regenerative Medicine. She obtained her second master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.Lalitha has carried forward her technical knowledge to pursue her passion for enabling better outcomes in healthcare by bringing together wellness, spirituality, science and policy.A bookworm struck by wanderlust, Lalitha is a yoga enthusiast and also loves playing the Indian classical instrument – Veena.