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Links I Love

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Links I Love

Hello, lovelies! What are your plans this weekend? We are celebrating Abhi’s birthday again. I have planned a bar crawl the city. I am so excited, this my first ever bar crawl. Sunday is reserved for the Palo Alto World Music day and indulging in ice cream.  Hope you guys have a fun one, here are some links from around the web.

Even as a fashion blogger, I don’t buy pieces I’ll never wear and neither should you.

How adorable is this dog!

What your bra says about you.

Pinks sunsets are the best! Here are the 8 most gorgeous sunsets in America.

Have you watched wonder woman yet? If you have you want to catch this chic flick with your girlfriends, I highly recommend rough night

A fun appetizer for father's day. Potatoes, rosemary, and ghee!

Finally, what you think of millennial pink? Here are some of the millennial pink pieces I am loving. All under $30

Khaki shorts

Wristlet clutch

Linear Scarf