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Hygge for V-day

Krupa Kumar3 Comments
Hygge for V-day

This V-day, Abhi and I are not doing hearts, roses, and fancy dinners. We are staying warm, ordering in, and cozying up under our thick purple blanket. “Why?”, you ask?  Hygge!

What is hygge? Hygge (pronounced HOO-ga) is a Danish philosophy that embraces the idea of living cozy and cuddled up. The Danes created the concept to survive long, dark winters. The recipe for a happier life, they say, is taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday moments more meaningful, beautiful, or special. Simple warm acts, like sipping coffee by a fire or enjoying a home cooked evening meal with friends, are all Hygee.


How can you live the hygge life? If you are like me, a person who is perpetually wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of tea (yes, even in the summer), loves candle-lit baths, or cudlling sessions with puppies, then it might feel like you have been living in hygge already. Well, not really, because hygge is actually about a mindset that allows you to relax and feel comfortable in slowing down life and enjoying the “mundane”.



How can you be a hygge fashionista? One of the easiest ways to adopt hygge is to dress cozy. So here is a fuzzy, teddy bear-inspired hygge outfit this Valentine's day. I am wearing a brown suede dress with an oversized, fuzzy, white coat. I waited a long time to find my suede piece and after sifting through many jackets and skirts, I finally  found this well-fitted and stylish (love the pockets in front) dress. The coat came as a gift from a friend, and it is not only the most fashionable piece in my closet, it is also extremely warm! Every time I decide to wear this coat, I feel the need to pet it first. I added some teddy feels with the white fishnet stockings, white stone bracelet, and white and gold earrings. And most importantly, I am also experiencing many hygge moments of acceptance and relaxation with my curly mane!

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White coat, Suede dress, Stockings, Earrings, Finger Rings, Bracelet


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