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Links I Love

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Links I Love

Hello, lovelies! What are your plans this weekend? I’ve had somewhat of a rough week. It is hard to accept that amidst holiday cheer and spirit, we all have issues that need to be addressed. I was able to pick myself up by making a list of things I am grateful for at the moment. A few hours after that list and spending some time evaluating my situation, I felt a lot better. Someone shared a quote with me that I've been replaying in my mind: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". So, here is a reminder that no matter how tough things get, you will always have something to be grateful for in life!

Now, in the spirit of pursuing small pleasures, I am going to indulge in hot chocolate, Hallmark movies, and spreading some holiday cheer with my favorite links from the web.


Cozy RV dreams do come true!

Never argue with anyone on Facebook, according to science. 

How darling is Mary Ellen’s Instagram feed!

NYE Dresses under $100.

Or even better my picks of caped, velvet or faux leather all under $50




Letter clips or  Bows? Which one do you prefer ?

And finally, you can shop the all-white look here! So, excited to have my shop page active!