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Links I love

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Links I love

What are you up to this long weekend?  Our weekend involves concerts, celebrating another festival (yes, again this weekend), and relaxing. Abhi & I are going to watch Coldplay with a couple of our friends. I am really excited as this is our first concert together. I am also going to try and cook a real festive meal on Monday. I found a great festive recipe to try that I think you guys would like too. Here is the recipe link and a few more to keep you entertained this weekend.

Have a lovely long weekend!

An orange stuffing this Ganesh Chaturthi

I just stopped playing Pokemon go but I am willing to hack my way to Australia to get these Poke burgers

I have this link bookmarked for the times I miss agency life. The GIF poster had me laughing out loud.

My new fav Instagram companion app. Never going to have to delete another post.

I am going to try this work hack on Tuesday. Sounds like a guaranteed way to make a  good start after the long weekend.

Abhi would never let me get a puppy. If he did, would have to sign this contract

Currently topping my  fall wishlist

Don't forget to send me any fun links you want to share!

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