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Links I love

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Links I love

What are you up to this weekend? We are celebrating Janmashtami with the fam-jam and a few friends at our place. I feel so grateful that we have so many people to celebrate with. I love  spending  weekends with close friends, even if we don’t have elaborate plans. The warm feeling of cooking together, watching our favourite movie again or just reading together. If you plan on doing any of these with your loved ones, here are some fun links I love from around the web to get you started. Lastly, don’t forget to give them an extra tight squishy hug!

Hope you have a good one!


Wise words from a panda on how to let things go & be happier

This infographic on making the perfect tomato sandwich - right click, save image as, save to recipes!

A cafe for everyone in Mumbai - Inspiration

The most hated man in Australia

How adorable is this sleeping cosplay star  

Abhi & I just finished binge watching Game of thrones. Yes, we are all caught up. We love the special effects and discussed it so much that I am thrilled to find this 5 part documentary on the special effects.    

Lastly, this dress I am lusting after - Love the colourful pleats and price ;)

Send me links you love! I would love to watch / read what you guys are bookmarking!

<3 The Piedpiperess