Krupa Kumar

Links I Love - Podcast Edition

Krupa Kumar
Links I Love - Podcast Edition

Hello, lovelies! What are your plans this weekend? With real fall weather on us this week, I have had the urge to stay in bed with warm tea, shortbread cookies, and listening to my favorite podcasts. But I had to work through many Excel sheets all week, a task that was made fun by  some amazing podcast and talking to my sister about it over long email threads. We are both hooked now!

When I mentioned this to my friends, they said they too would like to listen to podcasts and had a few basic questions. If you are new to podcasts, these are my suggestions for some of my favorite podcast channels: NPR, Serial, and RadioLab. You can listen to all podcasts on their websites, but if you prefer to listen to them on your phone, here are the iPhone & Android guides. Below is my weekend podcast list with the best one saved for last. And a big thank you to my friend Kelsey who introduced me to most of these.

For the foodie in you

For all you who run or fantasize about starting your own company  

A story about a New York neighbor

From those of you who love a good story

Geeks, here is some ‘stuff you should know’ (This is the name of the podcast)

For culture fanatics

And the one I have been hooked to all week  

Drop me a line if you want to chat about any of these. I hope this inspires, entertains, and  touches you all like it did for me.


<3 The Piedpiperess