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A semi-surprise on a starry night!

Krupa KumarComment
A semi-surprise on a starry night!

The last two weeks have been full of celebration for us, with our first anniversary and Abhi’s birthday. This was the first time I was able to plan an elaborate birthday for him, so I went all out. The highlight was the semi-surprise birthday party over the weekend.Here are a few pictures if you’d like to see what I did.


I planned a surprise party on Saturday night and invited our very good friends. Despite being super excited and making preparations while he was around, I managed to keep the plan a secret. However, I did let him know we are having our friends over and there would be a surprise in store, which is why I call this a semi-surprise party.

I kick-started the evening with a game of good old cricket (his favourite sport). A couple of us headed down to the park and played a best-of-three game. We ended up playing gully cricket with a big tree and gadget boxes doubling up as wickets. It was lovely to see the boys fight over batting turns and rules to which the girls played third umpires.

We then came home to an outdoor movie party. I (with the help of a few friends) managed to transform our tiny patio into a cozy living room perfect for movie-watching under the stars. I had initially planned on using a projector, but because I couldn’t find one, I settled on the idea of moving the TV outside. Our patio is an extension of our living room, so it was possible to stream Netflix or use the Apple TV.

I wanted to us to have an outdoor, summer-movie screening experience with lots of homemade touches to make it personal. I collected sleeping bags and blankets from my friends ahead of time to make a cozy floor-seating arrangement for everyone. Our guests also brought extra blankets.

We used fairy lights and popcorn bar and movie signs as decor. Here is one that our very talented friend Sahana made for the evening. You gotta love creative people! Thank you, Sahana!


When it came to food, I set up a popcorn bar with two main popcorn appetizers - Popcorn bhel (served in cones) and chocolate hazelnut popcorn ( you can never go wrong with chocolate and hazelnut. Never Ever! I also made nachos and guacamole for the non-popcorn lovers.

We watched a regional Indian thriller, so we all sat close to each other, wrapped in our blankets. I heard screams, laughs, and whispers throughout the movie. It truly made it a warm night.

Overall, the night was perfect, and it reminded me that it’s worth the effort to plan elaborate parties sometimes. It’s even better when you have lots of people you love under starry skies on warm summer nights.