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My Rubied Valentine

Krupa KumarComment
My Rubied Valentine

So, we’re back home from our first big vacay, just in time to celebrate V-Day in the Bay Area. Abhi and I used Valentine's Day as an excuse to eat at one of our most favorite restaurants: Burma Ruby. Nothing like good food and a beautiful evening to wrap up a week of fun.

A few months ago, Abhi introduced me to what was an unfamiliar cuisine to me at that time-- Burmese food--with a winning dish, the tealeaf salad. It is probably the only salad I love! So it was no surprise that after a week of stuffing ourselves with beignets and flat bread, we were looking for a meal with flavor and variety.

We picked Burma Ruby as our Valentine's Day date spot for a few reasons. Beyond the fantastic food, wonderful service, lovely ambience, and being seated in the midst of the energy of University Ave, this also happens to be the place of our first date in the Bay Area.

The best word to describe Burma Ruby is “balance”; balance in food with a wide variety of vegetarian options, balance in decor with photo collages of Burma and big chandeliers (you won’t find flowers and hearts cluttering this restaurant), and balance of being an ideal choice to grab a quick midweek dinner or celebrate an occasion.


Last night all the ladies were welcomed with a red rose. The Valentine's Day menu was lovely with complimentary bubbles, a choice of appetizers, salad (tealeaf salad) or soup, two entrees and dessert. The menu was simple and listed most of our favorite dishes. Portions sizes were ample and the service was lovely and not hurried. We chatted through dinner and didn’t realize we spent over two hours on our 4-course meal.


Valentine's day bubblies


 Platter of tealeaf salad filled with crunchy seeds, nuts, greens and fermented tea leaves


Melt in the mouth fried tofu served with garlic sauce


Deep flavours and textured entrees of firey tofu & vegetables and mixed vegetable curry served with rice


The perfect pairing of coconut pudding, ice cream and strawberries to bring all the subtle tastes together.

Burma Ruby isn’t a food fad for us but a true love affair. After all, nothing gets my heart racing like a scrumptious meal and a long conversation that has me laughing out loud. So, whether you are a local or a visitor, go check out Burma Ruby. And I recommend starting your meal with a tealeaf salad and soup.

My date night outfit is the courtesy of the gorgeous warm weather and street shopping in India. I wore a navy blue dress with little hearts, a floral neckpiece and, of course, my statement ring from Finura.