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How you make your home a happy one with minimal effort.

Krupa KumarComment
How you make your home a happy one with minimal effort.

Most of you know Abhi & I moved into our own little place recently. We have spent the last two months unpacking and settling down. The house needed a little work and our aim was to have it fixed before we got into full decor mode. Both of us have contrasting tastes and it's almost impossible to decide on a theme or style to make the house our home. The process is taking much longer than we anticipated, so in the meantime, I have to find other ways to make our place warm, cozy, and ours. After a two-hour long commute, it is really important for me to come back to a home I love.

Here is how we ensure our time at homeis relaxed and easy with minimal effort. Hope you guys can try it too.

A sparkling clean home: This is absolutely essential for both of us. After a long day, we love stepping into something clean and beautiful. Here are some things we always do. I always ensure all the dishes are done after every meal and the dishwasher is empty. Once I am done with the dishwasher, I normally get into the mode and clean all the counters too. Doing this lays the groundwork for the next meal. The other things we do to ensure our place is neat is to put small things back in their place, like keys, mail, shoes, and our clothes from the day. These basic things take anywhere between 15-30 minutes but are worth it.

A well-made bed: This is a part of my morning ritual. If I walk into my room and the bed is not made, it can be an instant mood breaker. So every morning I spend 5 minutes making the bed right after we jump out it. I like to ensure the corners are tucked in neatly and the comforter is smooth and has no wrinkles. This simple act makes me look forward to coming home. If you don’t have time to make your bed, at least pull the comforter over the pillows and lay it out well.

A cozy corner: I am a sucker for cozy corners. From my home back in India, to my small hostel (dorm) room, and now our new place, I have always picked a small corner in which to have a floor arrangement and a few decorations. It is the best place to unwind with the book, drink a cup of tea, or even pull an all-nighter if I am drowning in work. I normally put a painting, a few plants, and fairy lights. At our current home, I have a gorgeous sketch of the Eiffel tower thatAbhi made for me. Having a corner to retreat to, especially after a long or bad day,is soothing and lets you put yourself together.


An always-stocked pantry: I am always hungry. Always. I also have far too many cravings. If I go home thinking about a particular dish that I want to whip it up, I need to have all the ingredients required. I hate it when I am running out of just the one ingredient, especially one that brings in the flavor. So I ensure all my ingredients are in glass jars, which makes it easier to keep track of when they need to be refilled. Planning ahead is good because with all your cooking needs in reach you can dish out a quick meal before bed.Our kitchen also has a snack cabinet and, of course, it is always full.

Someone to come home to: This is probably the one thing that won’t change for a long time. Back home I always came home to a big family. Here it is just the two of us. I am normally home before Abhi or we come back together, which is great because even if you are spending your time reading in your cozy corner it is always nice to know you have someone to cuddle with before bed.

What makes your house a happy home?