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Survival kit for long distance with your BFFs

Krupa KumarComment
Survival kit for long distance with your BFFs

Having a group of girls you can call your best friends, is one of the best things in the world. They become your go-to people when you’re bored, want to watch a movie, share a bit of gossip, vent out your frustration, or need anything. This, of course means that your days are filled with numerous phone calls, spending hours in cafes, late lunches, dinners, drinks, sleepovers, etc. It is all fun and games until one of you graduates or moves to a new place. In this case, I moved all the way across the globe, leaving my BFFs in India.

At first I thought I could handle it, but knowing that the girls you rely on for absolutely everything are not around, feels like the end of the world. Yes, you can pick the phone and call, Facetime, and Skype but you cannot take a flight of stairs to ask for opinions on outfits, run into each other while shopping, or pick the phone and plan a sleepover, a crazy adventure, or a weekend getaway.

Honestly, long distance with your BFFs sucks but it also brings you closer and gets you pumped up about reuniting. But until such a reunion, for all BFFAs (Best Friends from Far Away), here are a few tips to survive a long distance relationship with your BFFs.

  • Stay Connected: How easy is it in today’s age to stay in touch!!! Most times I am talking to my girls on various platforms at once. Sometimes, though, it can get difficult with work, family, errands and work taking up most of the day. So, take time out at least once or twice a day to just fill your friends in on your day. Set up a date once every week to catch up. Use Google Hangouts to have a conference call.  Apart from this, we also have a Whatsapp group, which is constantly buzzing with updates. We share photos, videos, and voice notes to keep each other posted. We insist on conference video calls to share big news and I always like to video chat with the girls on big occasions like birthdays, festivals and other celebrations.
  • Express: Tell them how much you miss them. You know you like to hear that they miss you. You can show your love in more than one way even if you are miles apart. Surprise them by sending gifts or flowers. Don’t wait for an occasion. Include them in your day, talk about them to your co-workers and vice versa, stalk them on social media…anything that lets them know you miss them dearly. I assure you it will make both parties feel more connected.
  • Relive your old days: My girls have made the most mundane days end very eventfully and hence it is etched in my memory. I spend a lot of time scanning through our old pictures and conversations. It shows me how far we have come and what we have been through. Sharing these old pictures or emailing them an old conversation is even more fun because we are all reminiscing together.
  • Plan good times: Whether it planning lunch at the new café in Bangalore, a trip to NY, our big thirty birthdays, weddings or just a sleep over, there is no reason to not make a plan to actually meet. We do it all the time, it gives us so much to look forward, it keeps our friendship alive and honestly looking forward to seeing them keeps me going.
  • Reach out: It goes without saying that you can reach out to your BFFs at any time. The only way you can ensure your bond stays strong is to reach out and talk to them. Don’t worry about the intensity of the issue; the physical distance isn’t proportional to the issue. Call them for anything from fashion crisis to relationship advice. This is also a way of letting them know that they can reach out to you too.

I can’t wait to reunite with my BFFs. How do you manage long distance with your BFFs? Let me know.