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How I spent under $60 on birthday brunch for my sister

Krupa KumarComment
How I spent under $60 on birthday brunch for my sister

If there is one thing I love to do on weekends - it is hosting/ entertaining. I love putting together menus, themes, guest lists and working on the finer details for my get-together but given the frequency, I want to host in summer months, I have to do this on a budget. 

This past weekend, we hosted my family to celebrate my sister's birthday. On Thursday, I spent my morning commute scrolling through Pinterest to think of some interesting themes and easy recipes. That's when I saw a brunch board and it instantly connected with me. I wanted to keep it simple with minimal cooking. The brunch board also was easy enough to personalize and add a personal spin. 


Fusion Indian Brunch board

  • Breakfast pastries & fresh fruit 

  • String hoppers (idiyappam), make your own Bombay sandwich & Vada

  • Ginger cake with poached pears

Here is how the entire entertaining process went, from shopping to set up: 

Shopping & Groceries

I have a fairly stocked fridge and pantry. So, I have the most basic vegetables and baking ingredients on hand. 

Whole Foods

  • Pears 

  • Ginger

  • Butter

  • Berries / Fruits

  • Cheese

Approx $17

85 °C Bakery 

  • Cheese garlic bread

  • Waffles

  • Swiss roll

  • Bread 

Approx $30

Indian Store

  • Frozen Idiyappam ( string hoppers)

  • Frozen Vada

  • Coriander

  • Coconut

Approx $12

Set up

Our guests were set to arrive at 10:45. We got an early start and hit the bakery to get a pick on the goods. We were back home in time to set-up. We started by cleaning out the living/dining room. Decorating the place with a few balloons, lighting a candle and putting things like a board game and Polaroid camera out. 

We need did the prep work ( washing the berries, cutting veggies and defrosting the frozen food) and then started working on the board. I had a clear vision of the sections to represent my sister's lifestyle and cater to everyone's platter. We set out the dips, sauces and other accompaniments on a separate tray and used the cake as a centerpiece. 


My sister was thrilled and surprised. The rest of the morning involved all of us grilling our sandwiches, taking breaks between trying the different items on the board, playing with my sister's pups and taking Polaroid pictures. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-10 at 7.37.12 AM.jpeg

Brunch Board Tips

I had the big tray I used from a holiday gift basket. You can find these trays or reuse any big plate/serving dish you own. I lined the tray with tissues so it is easy to clean and the butter form the pastry does not ruin the wood.

4 more ideas for brunch boards

  • Taco board

  • Pumpkin spice board for fall

  • Dessert board 

  • Toast board