How to be a happy camper/ glamper!

Just the thought of staying outdoors overnight makes me uncomfortable. I am a big wuss! So sleeping in a tent with the fear of snakes crawling around and no luxury bathrooms isn’t really what I call a‘ retreat’. So as I walked into work one day, knowing that there was talk of  a camping trip floating around, things to a slight turn when I find an invitation to go ‘glamping’. Glamping sounded perfect; tents with beds, showers, bonfires under the stars and getting to know my colleagues better? The idea slowly started to grow on me.





How to make the tent fun:

This was a BIG incentive for me. The luxury tents Shelter & Co put up were stunning. If you are going glamping, you are likely to have pre-pitched tents with beds and clean sheets ( like the ones we had), making the whole experience more enjoyable. If you decide to go camping, carry the luxury tents, an air mattress, extra sleeping bags and pillows to ensure you are warm and comfy through the night. I would even suggest carrying a few solar string lights to hang inside/outside the tent. String lights make any setting look pretty and welcoming!

What to eat:

You are lucky if you are going glamping as there might be pre-cooked food or at least a provision to fix a quick meal. On the other hand, if you are camping, pre-decide your meals. Pancake mix in ziplock bags, overnight oats with fun toppings like almonds, and fruit work like a charm. Lunch and dinner menus can include campfire potatoes, kebabs, nachos, and quesadillas all accompanied by wine and beer. Should I even the list the midnight snack? Well, S’mores all the way! Also, first-time campers, take a camping stove. You might not want to rely on the fire. Don't forget plastic spoons, kitchen towels, paper plates, and garbage bags to collect the kitchen waste.

What to pack:

Camping or glamping, you want to be comfortable. The idea of glamping can pose packing challenges but just remember no matter how glamorous the setup, the outfits will get extremely dirty.

  • Clothes: I cannot stress enough the need for warm clothing. Lucky for me someone warned me how chilly it gets at night. I carried a lot of warm clothes and was still shivering a bit. You want to pack a beanie, warm jacket, muffler and woolen socks. For the day, try to dress in layers, and ALWAYS carry your bathing suit. Glampers might have access to a pool, and campers, if pitch you a tent near a stream you will regret not having your bathing suit.

  • Comfortable shoes: I only carried a pair of sneakers and that was the only thing I needed. Feel free to wear / take your hiking shoes. Even if you are going glamping you can leave the fancy sandals and wedges at home.

  • Fun accessories - Time to get creative! You don’t want to wear too much jewelry but if you love accessorizing (If you love it as deeply as I do) then think twizzlers, headbands and bandanas. Evening glamour courtesy - glow sticks. I am obsessed with these!

  • Essentials: Don’t forget the absolute essentials like bug spray, baby wipes, tissues, your toiletries (especially your toothbrush and deodorant), and a couple of flashlights.


Glamping or camping didn’t sound like a retreat at all, but being amidst nature, waking up to a bright morning, facing my fears (I tried zip lining and loved it), sitting by the warmth of a bonfire while sipping wine and making s'mores and just seeing that many stars in the sky made the outdoors seem like the perfect retreat.


I am still a city girl but hey, every city girl needs her share of nature (with some city glitter)!