How to ensure you get good party pictures!

How to ensure you get good party pictures!

Holiday season is here and that means a lot of parties ! Over the weekend, Abhi and I were invited to a friend’s Diwali party. She hosts a lovely party every year. This year, when I asked if I could help with anything, her response was, ‘Please just ensure we get lots of pictures.’ She says they always realize after the party that they forgot to take pictures with a few guests, especially people who attend the party briefly and aren’t even in candid pictures. It made me realize that this happens to me too and is probably true for many of you. I mean, the dim lighting, people walking around, one guy taking pictures on his phone that you will never see; all lead to chaos that doesn’t make for good picture-taking.

So, at her party this year, we decided to do a photo scavenger hunt to ensure enough pictures are taken and shared. A photo scavenger hunt means to simply list photo challenges on a card. You can set them at the dinner table or circulate them with the invitations. The guest can then click as many pictures from the list. This works as a great conversation starter and icebreaker.


Ask your guests to share the pictures on social media or simply on a Whatsapp group/email thread in which the invitations were sent out. Here is the list we created and some of the lovely pictures we got.


Candid conversations 


A laughter 


Tallest & shortest guests 


Someone wearing red


The decor 


As many people as you can in the picture


Candid picture of the host


Food & Drinks




Picture in a picture 


Holding a DSLR

We had a blast and our hostess loved her pictures.Have you ever hosted or played the photo scavenger hunt?